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Program packaging coil

Industrial tilter



The FZ series industrial tilter is mainly applied for various steel coils, aluminium coils, wire coils, copper coils, molds, spools&etc, can tilt the objects with different specifications for 90 degree. We are delivering different types of machine based on customer's demand.


Technical parameters:


Model FZ-10
Max loading 10T
Turning time 80s±10s
Transmission mode Mechanical
Motor 2.2KW
Operation Manual switch/ remote control
Power supply AC/380V/50Hz


Basic features:


- Frequency converter driven motor enables segmented speed control and make the tilter stop smoothly.
- Industrial speed reducer adopted makes the transmission power of the machine more safe and stable.
- Independent control cabinet for safe and convenient operation.
- The machine will stop automatically when turning process finished.
- Emergency stop button can stop the machine rapidly in case of emergency.
- Can turn-over and reset, work in circle.